An adjustment is a procedure that is designed to restore motion to a restricted joint in the body. All joints in the spine, as well as a number of other joints in the body can be adjusted. The main goal of an adjustment is to correct joint function by improving the motion of the joint.

Neuromuscular Training
It is very common for muscles to become chronically tight (spasm). These abnormal patterns can actually increase the symptoms and place individuals at a higher risk of injury. Neuromuscular training, or re-education, helps to correct these motor patterns which in turn decreases symptoms and helps prevent injury.

Many conditions are exacerbated, or even caused, by a muscular weakness. Chiropractors are able to test for weakness in various muscles and design a specific rehabilitation program accordingly. Rehabilitating the weak muscles is important in returning optimal levels of health as well as in preventing injury.

Spinal Pelvic Stabilizers (Custom Orthotics)
A custom spinal pelvic stabilizer is an insert placed in your shoe to help improve your body’s balance, posture, and alignment. Stabilizers are the only orthotics designed to support all three arches of the foot. By providing proper support for your feet, Stabilizers help create a balanced foundation for your body.

Lecture or Workshop provided by Dr. Russ or Dr. Ron
The doctors are available to speak to groups on many different topics regarding health and wellness, injury prevention, and injury correction. Please contact the office for more information.

Patient Education
At Anderson Chiropractic we believe that it is very important that a patient understands the cause of their health problems, why we make the recommendations that we do, and what the patient can do to help themselves to respond better and as quickly as possible. We also want the patient to be empowered to finally take control of their health and well being.