Choose how you get up every morning

First I have to admit to you that I watch The biggest Loser. A small guilty pleasure of mine. I love the show not because of the contest, the drama, or the workouts but because you really get to watch the transformation of peoples headspace. There really is a lot to learn if you know what to look for. Last night they introduced a young lady named Abby who had a very tragic story. Two years ago she lost not only her husband, but her 5 year old daughter and 2 week old son in a car accident.

The strength this lady showed was amazing and she said something that I will remember for sure. She said that every morning she CHOOSES to get out of bed because she knows that there is something more for her to do in this world. I think we all should learn something from her. When we wake up we have a choice, are we going to be happy or are we going to be mad? Are we thankful for the day that God has given us and are we going to make the best of each and every one or are we angry that we actually have to get out of bed? It seems to me that treating each day as a blessing makes things a heck of a lot more fun.

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